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Story one

Behind the scenes on the John Lewis Christmas ad

Eliza Williams

The new John Lewis Christmas ad was a huge collaborative effort between teams in the UK and the US. CR talks to Elliot Dear, co-director on the spot with Yves Geleyn, about how it was done. read the whole story..


Feature: Enduring Properties

Eliza Williams

A new documentary on the life and work of the legendary John Webster reminds us of his great skill in creating loveable advertising ‘properties’. And while they may not be the coolest aspect of modern communications, great characters can still be extremely valuable to brands. read the whole story..


Feature: We are the mischief makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams

Eliza Williams

They’ve sent Dennis Rodman on a basketball diplomacy mission to North Korea, annoyed UEFA with some ‘lucky pants’, upset the LGBT community and supported gay footballers. Just what are the ‘mischief-makers’ of book-maker Paddy Power and its ad agency up to? read the whole story..