Studio Sense: Introducing our second issue

Last year we conducted some extensive research with our readers. One of the things they asked us for was more information and help on practical issues around running a creative department or creative business. Out of this research, Studio Sense was born. We published the first supplement in October last year and it proved extremely popular with readers.

In the second of the series, we are looking at the tricky business of font licensing, the exciting new world of emotions and how they can be visualised and utilised to create powerful experiences and follow the story of one agency from launch to growth. We also examine what you need in order to build and maintain a creative team, delve into the new world of influence marketing and look at what you need in order to create VR experiences.

We’d like to thank all our partners – Fontsmith, Sensum, 20ten, Vitamin Talent, Whalar and Luminous Group – and hope that you continue to find Studio Sense a valuable and helpful addition to Creative Review.

In this issue of Studio Sense:  

Font licensing made simple

We are emotional beings

How to make an idea successful

How to source, build and maintain your creative team

Beginner’s Guide to Influencer Marketing

Virtual Reality has arrived. Are you ready for it?

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