Meet David McGovern, who teaches Fashion Film at LCF

London College of Fashion offer short courses covering over 150 subjects. These courses attract a vast array of students from all over the world looking to improve their knowledge of the fashion industry.

With an average age of 30, LCF short course students are not your typical university students. Many students are professionals either inside or outside of the fashion industry interested in changing their careers or starting their own businesses. Most short courses at London College of Fashion utilise the skills and knowledge of industry experts allowing students to gain, in a relatively short period of time (most courses are five days long), a keen understanding of their area of interest in fashion and the know how to take the steps in their career. 

An Arrangement of Light, David McGovern
An Arrangement of Light, David McGovern

David McGovern is a fashion film director and editor based in London. His work centres on reflective, highly-personal moments and the sensation of disappearance and erasure. He has shot numerous client projects entirely on iPhone, choosing to condense and manipulate footage to give a high quality lo-fi approach to fashion film. In addition to his freelance filmmaking and teaching at UAL, he is a staff member at The Future Laboratory. As Video Editor he examines and abstractly communicates the trends through video content, as well as working on moving image installations of future scenarios.

How did you start your career in fashion? 

I moved to New York after studying in Dublin and cut my teeth with a number of fashion assisting jobs at Dossier, Visionarie and some freelance shoots. I had high hopes for the future of fashion magazines, but at that time (2009) there was much uncertainty on how print would translate into digital. After NY I worked in visual merchandising for some time, before starting M.A. Fashion Media Production at London College of Fashion, which introduced me to the power of fashion film and really propelled my career.

Which short courses do you teach? 

I teach Introduction to Fashion Film

The course begins with a global, discerning overview of fashion film that allows for the group to establish its own definition of the medium. Anyone who brings a Chanel fashion film is put in detention. I joke (!), but we do try to be far-reaching with our references and speculative about where fashion film go. Following this the students pitch concepts for the film, and begin to work together on the shoot which will feature an industry model, and professional hair and make-up. The course requires a leap of faith, but the results have been spectacular.

How did you become a short course tutor?

I started at LCF trying to help with moving image on different courses with an emphasis on lo-fi, mobile-ready filmmaking. From here my role developed, eventually taking the reigns on the fashion film short course.

What is the best part of teaching at London College of Fashion? 

LCF is a diverse, global university, so teaching there ensures I maintain a wide, open outlook on the creative industries. The students aren’t shy to challenge your perspective or to demand more references.

What type of students to you encounter whilst teaching short courses at London College of Fashion?

The reasons students have come to a fashion film course vary massively. It ranges from photographers taking the plunge into moving image to journalists wanting to strengthen their message through video content.

What trends to do you see within your industry? 

The medium is so malleable which allows it a tongue-in-cheek commentary on both itself and other parts of the creative industry. The wry works of Matthew Frost exemplify this really well, as do some of the earlier films by Kenzo. More recently we’ve seen fashion films embrace YouTube phenomenons like Muk Bang.

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