Grayson Perry stars in Born Risky short film campaign for Channel 4

Grayson Perry Born Risky series

The new set of films could not really be called ads, but do aim to promote Channel 4’s ‘Born Risky’ positioning. They draw on Perry’s previous documentary series for the channel, which have explored identity. Here, he specifically discusses gender identity, through his own experiences and those of three people from the trans community: transgender model Tschan, 24; Geoff, 66, a transvestite truck driver; and EJ, 42, a transgender fashion historian.

4Creative thankfully has steered away from any overt mentioning of the ‘Born Risky’ branding in the films though Perry does talk extensively, and fascinatingly, about risk in the film about his own life. In the others, he proves once again to be a sensitive and compelling interviewer. The films will play out on Channel 4 this evening, and are available to watch on All 4. They will also appear on Channel 4’s social media channels, where the versions of the films will carry the tagline ‘Sometimes the greatest risk is to be yourself’ alongside the Born Risky logo.

“I am very proud to be part of Born Risky – it was fascinating, fun and a privilege to meet and work with three such brave, tender souls,” Perry says of the project. “If just one viewer feels more confident enough to live the gender they feel driven to live then we would have done our job, but I’m sure these lovely films will do much better than that.”

Agency/Production company: 4Creative
ECDs: Chris Bovill and John Allison
Director: Keith McCarthy
Production company: Swan Films
Post: MPC

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