Art has the emotional response and equity that brands are looking for today

For nearly 45 years Bridgeman has represented a global array of museums, artists and collections to license images across a variety of industries, which include publishing, advertising, packaging, interior design, TV & film. Licensing provides a much needed boost economically whilst ensuring brands are clear to use content that brings an emotional response or equity to a particular product or brand.

I have always loved the creative process especially from the point of view of how creative thinkers tackle different challenges. I always wonder what I would have done in that situation. What is great about working at Bridgeman is the diversity of projects we see every day. Below I have listed a few of the latest case studies we have received to give you an idea of how art is currently used in projects around the world.

ITV – Victoria – TV Drama

still from Queen Victoria
Jenna Coleman as Victoria, Rufus Sewell as Melbourne and Tom Hughes as Albert (C) ITV Plc

Bridgeman Images works with a number of film, TV, production and theatre clients around the world providing images and footage. One of our clients, Mammoth Screen, recently licensed a number of images for the new ITV drama series called “Victoria.”

Steve November (ITV’s Director of Drama) said,  

“This epic series is a chance to see the Victorian age through the eyes of the Queen herself for the first time. She’s a vibrant, fascinating character whose legacy lives on today. Her life story is one that is by turns genuinely dramatic, romantic and surprising. We are delighted to be working with Daisy Goodwin, who knows her subject intimately and has brought her to life beautifully, and with Mammoth, who we know are masters of epic period drama.”  

Jenna Coleman as Victoria (C) ITV Plc
Jenna Coleman as Victoria (C) ITV Plc

The 8-hour series of this ambitious landmark drama follows the early life of our longest reigning monarch, who leaves childhood behind when she ascends the throne at the tender age of 18.

Victoria will be made by Mammoth Screen, producers of Poldark (BBC One) and Endeavour (ITV), and the series is created and written by acclaimed novelist Daisy Goodwin, in her screenwriting debut.

Daisy Goodwin said,

“I’ve been fascinated by Victoria since I started reading her diaries at university. She’s a woman whose personality leaps off the page – a tiny 4 foot 11 teenager who overnight became the most powerful woman in the world, and her candour and spirit makes for an irresistible heroine. Victoria was the first woman to have it all; she had a passionate marriage, nine children and was grandmother to most of Europe’s royalty, but she also had a job, being Queen of the most important nation in the world. It wasn’t easy; her reign was beset by scandal and sleaze and it was only by sheer force of personality that she prevailed. Her diaries, all sixty two million words of them, give an astonishingly vivid picture of her transformation from rebellious teenager into, to my mind, our greatest Queen.”

BMW Italia and Garage Italia Customs present the BMW i8 Futurism

BMW Futurism 2

BMW Italia and Garage Italia Customs have created a special edition model to celebrate the 50 years of BMW history in Italy. It does so with a pattern inspired by the oil painting Street Light by futurist Giacomo Balla, licensed from Bridgeman Images.

“The BMW i8 Futurism Edition,” said Sergio Solero, President and CEO of BMW Italia, “represents the pairing of a sports car of the future with Italian creativity and art. For this occasion, we have devised a project with an important partner like Garage Italia Customs, one of the best specialists in car customization.”

The car design was unveiled by Sergio Solero and Lapo Elkann, the owner of Garage Italia Customs, on the morning of 16 May 2016 in Milan in the central BMW City Sales Outlet, to coincide with the 2016 Mille Miglia race.

We spoke with Carlo Borromeo, Head of Design at Garage Italia Customs to tell us why Bridgeman was used as a resource.

BMW Futurism 1

In the jungle of the web it is very hard to find high quality material that will allow us to fully express our ideas and also be certain of respecting authors and intellectual property. Bridgeman is quickly becoming a fundamental tool in that regard, allowing Garage Italia to produce top quality work while dealing with a comprehensive yet incredibly human service.”

Street Lamp, study of Light, 1909 (oil on canvas), Balla, Giacomo (1871-1958) / Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA / Peter Willi / Bridgeman Images
Street Lamp, study of Light, 1909 (oil on canvas), Balla, Giacomo (1871-1958) / Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA / Peter Willi / Bridgeman Images

McDonalds – Advertising Campaign

TBWA Switzerland used royal portraits to advertise the McDonalds burgers ‘Royal with Cheese and chili’.

It was so successful TBWA followed this up by supersizing the campaign to show that McDonalds sandwich was also now available with chicken!

Creative Direction: Bruce Roberts, Cyrill Wirz, Thomas Ammann, Marietta Albinus

Art Direction: Angelo Sciullo

Graphic Design: Sabine Grossmann, Werner Schellenberg

Copy Writing: Cyrill Wirz, Sara Steinmann

EY – Worldwide Campaign

In Girl with a Pearl Earring c.1665-6, Vermeer used the Fibonacci sequence to create a composition of perfect proportion, harmony and beauty. The Dutch masterpiece has been licensed by EY (Ernst & Young), the global accountancy firm, to illustrate the relationship between science and art, in an advertising campaign across all media.


Stefania Michielis, Brand Marketing & Communication manager says, “We have chosen five great works of art to illustrate the relationship between science and art as they pertain to auditing in today’s world. In the selected paintings the underlying patterns (the science) reveal a far deeper story than first appears and show how science has informed the artistic process.

In this way we draw a comparison between the world of art and the world of audit, where science encompasses accuracy, numerical and procedural elements, and art is the independent thought, professional skepticism and judgment applied by our people.”

She goes on to say, “I was very pleased with my experience dealing with Bridgeman images as they were able to understand our requirements and offer a service tailored to our needs.”

PowerPoint Presentation

Royal Mint – Commemorative coins and packaging

The story of the Great Fire of London has survived for countless centuries, told in classrooms, through popular songs, in the history books, and beyond. These Great Fire of London £2 coins both commemorate the great disaster and celebrate the resilience of the city. For, despite the devastation, London rose from the ashes to become the familiar city that it is today.

Marking 350 years since the Great Fire ravaged London

Aaron West, a member of The Royal Mint’s team of graphic designers, captures the stories of the moment that changed London forever. His inspiration, along with first-hand accounts from popular figures such as Samuel Pepys, and the role played by The Royal Mint’s home at the Tower of London, are all explored in the display folder that houses the £2 coin, using a Bridgeman licensed image of a 17th century woodcut.

Aaron West is a member of The Royal Mint’s design studio. After achieving a degree in Graphic Design, Aaron worked in retail advertising, graphic design and teaching before taking up a career at The Royal Mint. This is Aaron’s first commemorative UK coin.

“I knew that researching the Great Fire of London wouldn’t be problematic as it’s such a well-known story. The challenge was to create a design that would be original and engage with the audience.

I began with the skyline of London, looking at the modern and old to create the design’s central point, then I tackled the water, scattered with the riverboats that people relied on for safety during the fire. The whole scene is viewed as if from one of these boats, gazing back at the chaos on the shore. Creating the plumes of smoke was tricky. I used a line effect to give the impression of high, thick smoke and I deliberately let the design spill over the border to convey that sense of uncontrollability.

I am very proud to know that I will be a part of history, and having my name on a coin is fantastic. The next challenge will be to find my own design on the coins in my pocket amongst the many millions struck!’’

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