Music Videos of the Month

Okay, you’ve seen the OK Go video, and the Beyoncé one too. So I haven’t put them in here, as brilliant as they both are (click on the links in the names if you’ve somehow missed these). But it’s a been a bumper time in videos beyond those two megahits – here’s our pick of the best of the past month.

Ah Flat Eric, remember him? He’s back and driving down a highway, followed by his twin (or is it in fact a Flat Erica?) in this video for Hand in the Fire (feat. Charli XCX) by Mr Oizo, directed by Meat Dept.

Megan Palero has created this gorgeous animated video for Spitting Image by Your Gay Thoughts. Production company: King Deluxe.

You’ll never want to eat chicken again after you watch this video for the track 1960s Horror by The Shoes (feat. Dominic Lord), directed by Émile Sornin. Production company: Division.

We all know about the lure of cats and the internet. Here our furry friends come over all trippy in this video by Cyriak for Meowpurrdy by Run The Jewels. Apparently the track is made up entirely of sounds by made cats too. Purrrfect.

Sticking with the psychedelic, here is Ian Pons Jewell’s glorious video for Deep Down Low by Valentino Kahn, shot in Tokyo. Production company: Nion Tokyo/Robot.

Dom & Nic’s video for Wide Open by The Chemical Brothers (feat. Beck) is a VFX wonder. Check out how it was made here. Production company: Outsider

Also featuring impressive effects is this captivating film for Lift Me Up by Vince Staples, directed by David M Helman. Production company: Freenjoy.

Hiro Murai provides a solid video for Massive Attack’s return in this film for Take It There (feat. Tricky). Production company: Doomsday Entertainment.

An emotional film now, for the track Speech of Foxes by Gem Club. Again, the visual effects are impressive, particularly as here they are created by the director, Ben Phillippo.

To cheer you up after all that moodiness, we finish with a brilliant exposé of the blandness of social media via French musician and director Hiérophante’s film Clichés. Thinking of taking a pouty selfie in a bathroom? Better think twice.

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