Canada delivers a visual feast for Tame Impala

“The first thought that came to our mind was to do something colourful and sexy,” says co-director Lope Serrano of Canada, and the team have achieved this in spades, producing a video that is packed with trippy, psychedelic visuals which mix live action and CGI with hand-drawn animation.

“Allen Jones, Guy Peellaert and the book Electrical Banana were the first references we wanted to evoke,” continues Serrano. “Pouring paint on an invisible body is maybe the best way to visualise this first insight.

“We like to draw and some of our drawings are a mix between soft eroticism and basketball. We’re not sure exactly why, but we like this aesthetic coexistence. The narrative pretext came from this source: a love triangle between a basketball player, a cheerleader and the team’s mascot, an apeman called Trevor. Obviously, we were working through the lyrics of the song at this stage.”

Below are some photos taken on the shoot for the video. We’ll let you watch it yourselves to find out how this particular love story ends.







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