Richmond Sausages appeal to parents with a new giveaway toy-tracking product

Titled Sausages & Chip (see what they’ve done there?), the campaign is launched by the film below, which features scenes of the kind of devastation that can ensue when a special toy or bear goes missing. The solution (if your toy has a neck – from the look of the product in this film, it probably wouldn’t work so well on a ‘blanky’) is the Richmond Chip, which when attached to a toy allows it to be tracked via a mobile phone app.



Saatchi & Saatchi London has form when it comes to quirky pack offers for sausage brands, having previously invented the Wall’sie, a onesie outfit that looks like normal clothes but allows wearers to go to the local shop to get bangers without getting dressed. Perfect for hangovers, in other words.

Sausages & Chip, by contrast, aims to place Richmond firmly in the family bracket. And while the Wall’sie had more comedy value, it’s easy to imagine parents clamouring to get their hands on the product, which will track teddies for up to 1,000 miles. More info on how you can get one is at, where you can also view a series of documentary films that further explore just why parents need the product.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London
ECDs: Andy Jex, Rob Potts
Creatives: Mike Whiteside, Ben Robinson
Directors: Wilkins and Maguire
Production company: Stink
VFX: Finish
Chip and app development: Will Millner, Amy Wright, Frank Blackwell, Mike Mackay and Amigo

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