Music Videos of the Month

It’s been a grand old month for music videos, and we have some gems to share with you here, opening with a space age adventure from director Saman Kesh for Kygo’s Stole The Show…


The video was created for the YouTube Music Awards 2015 and is a beautifully shot and touching tale of two spacesuited visitors from another planet, who land at a fancy dress party on earth, where they prove to be amazing dancers. Director: Saman Kesh; Production company: Vision Film Co.


Also for the YTMAs is this new video shot by FKA Twigs for her track Glass & Patron. The promo features typically striking imagery from twigs, showing her heavily pregnant before cutting to a dramatic fashion show, shot in a forest. Director: FKA Twigs; Production company: Academy/A+.


AG Rojas has directed this new video for Run The Jewels’ track Close Your Eyes. It is a striking, and undoubtedly somewhat controversial film that aims to explore race relations in the US. Featuring two characters – the cop and the kid – it shows them engaged in an exhaustive dance that moves between violence and occasionally what appears like an embrace. Rojas explains the video in more depth here. Production company: 9a Films.


Sam Rockwell attempts a Christopher Walken in this promo for Down To Earth by Flight Facilities. He doesn’t quite achieve Walken’s panache but it’s still a great watch. Director: Uncle Friendly.


The animator who worked on this promo for The Slow Show, Paul ‘Gripper’ Flannery, is better known for his work for kids TV show Postman Pat. The story here is a darker, and more poignant, tale than you’d be likely to find there though.


Sticking with the darker stuff, next up is a violent tale of a gang on the rampage around Sheffield, shot on 16mm to give the finished promo a retro vibe. The video is for Drenge’s track We Can Do What We Want. Director: Ed Lovelace; Production company: Pulse Films.


Alt-J’s latest video, for track Pusher, is a cinematic piece shot by director Thomas Rhazi and starring French actor Marc Barbe, who is shown giving an intense speech to a group of mysterious yet sinister onlookers. Production company: Division Paris.


We finish this month’s round up with an animated ‘exquisite corpse’ where nine animators have been invited to create 30 seconds each of the video for When I Was Done Dying by Dan Deacon. The overall creative director on the project is Dave Hughes, and the animators who contributed include Jake Fried, Chad Vangaalen, Dimitri Stankowicz, Colin White, Taras Hrabowsky, Anthony Francisco Schepperd, Masanobu Hiraoke, Caleb Wood, and Koko Freakbean.