Weather forecasts were never so much fun

In a rather sweet ‘internet of things’ experiment from Uniform, three different data-powered devices react to imminent weather conditions

“Weather Systems explores the potential to combine cloud based weather data with physical connected devices, to create simple glanceable alerts and engaging user interactions,” Uniform say.

The studio created three devices that use online weather data from Dark Sky API to provide “real-time forecasts that accurately illustrate what the localised weather conditions will be over the next 10 minutes”. Sort of like a barometer for the 21st century but more up to the minute.

Weather alerts can be set up so that the devices are triggered if, for example heavy rain is imminent. Forthcoming weather can be checked by pressing the single button on each device.

Particularly nice is the Rain System which uses a series of pins that move up and down striking a metal plate, evoking the look and sound of water splashing.

The project came off the back of a client piece that Uniform were working on for the Met Office which took live feeds from weather ships and buoys and used it to generate live visuals on a flip-dot display for a V&A event during the London Design Festival