TEDxAmsterdam launches the Human Clock

To promote the forthcoming TEDxAmsterdam conference, agency We Are Pi has created the Human Clock, a digital timepiece filled with faces from all over the world…

The TEDxAmsterdam conference takes place on Friday and includes speakers ranging from Greenpeace executive director Kumi Naidoo to fashion blogger Ari Seth Cohen. To promote the diversity at the root of TEDx, We Are Pi has created the Human Clock, an online ‘experiment’ at, which features faces uploaded from around the world. The aim of the project is to reach 24 hours worth of one-second faces – around 86,000 individual visages – by the time the conference launches.

The design of the site is simple – visitors can upload a pre-shot image from their hard drive, or use a webcam to take a new portrait. The photo is then immediately added to the clock, where it appears overlaid with clock hands that feature the words ‘tick tock’ in various languages.

The images work best when they are newly taken, as the faces then appear aligned in the centre of the clock face and merge with the new portraits as each second passes. Some people have clearly just uploaded photos that make them happy – hanging out with friends, for example – which are less successful, but when you’ve got 86,000 images to reach, no one is quibbling.

The obvious comparison point for the project is Uniqlock – an online clock that was a huge success for clothing brand Uniqlo back in 2007. Whereas that clock featured footage of dancers in Uniqlo clothes however, audience participation is an active part of this piece. Join in the fun at

Agency: We Are Pi
ECDs: Rick Chant, Barney Hobson
Creative design director: Nessim Higson
Art director: Kaz Salemink
Film and photography production: 100% Halal
Director: Mees Peijnenburg
Digital production: Media Monks
Post: Glassworks