Weight Watchers takes unusual approach with new ad

Our relationship with food is a complex one, as this new ad for Weight Watchers from Wieden + Kennedy Portland points out…

The spot is set to the light-hearted tune ‘If you’re happy…’, though with the lyrics adapted to highlight the way our eating habits can be governed by emotion. It is an unusual approach by a dieting company – whereas we are used to inspirational stories of how weight loss has changed lives, this ad explores (in a fairly cheerful way) some of the more complicated reasons why we might eat too much.

The timing of the launch feels unexpected too. We are usually flooded with dieting and fitness ads in January, after the season of indulgence has finished, whereas this spot is timed to appear just before Thanksgiving in the US, the traditional beginning of the holidays. It all adds up to a shift away from the ‘quick fixes’ normally associated with diets and instead offers a refreshingly honest perspective that addresses the difficulties people might face when trying to lose weight, rather than focusing on guilt or reinvention.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Creative directors: Michael Tabtabai, Jason Kreher
Creatives: Brooke Barker, Robbie Rane
Executive creative directors: Joe Staples, Mark Fitzloff
Production company: Epoch Films
Director: Martin De Thurah