Ads of the Week

Need a laugh? Well you’re in luck as this week’s advertising round up is filled with comedy spots, including work for Friskies cat food, Loto, Mercedes-Benz, and Sims4. Kicking off proceedings is a booty-tastic number from Moneysupermarket, which comes with an ‘epic strut’…


The ad is the latest in a series from Mother ad agency for the UK price comparison website, which all feature people having ludicrous reactions to getting a good deal on their insurance. This is perhaps the best yet, as Dave struts down the street in his hotpants and heels to celebrate the money he’s saved. We’re not quite sure why Sharon Osbourne pops up at the end though. Director: Fredrik Bond; Production company: Sonny London.


Buzzfeed has created a TV spot for the forthcoming Super Bowl in the US. It is the latest in a series by the online publisher for Friskies cat food, and stars a pair of cute kitties planning how to get the most out of the disruption caused by the big game. Cats, as we all know, are a big thing on the internet and there are some nice feline observations here: the ad above is the longer online version, a 60-second cut will play during the Super Bowl.


This ad for the French Loto shows two office guys leaving work in style after they win big. We especially enjoyed the version of Born To Be Wild soundtracking the spot. Agency: BETC Paris; ECD: Stéphane Xiberras; Creative director: Olivier Apers; Creatives: Jean-Michel Alirol, Dominique Marchand, Pierre Orizet; Music creative director: Christophe Caurret; Director: Tom Kuntz; Production company: Smile Unlimited/MJZ.


FCB West San Francisco has created this spot to promote the latest edition of the Sims game. The ad imagines how it would be if you could manipulate people in real life the way you can in the game, to comedic effect. Director: Hamish Rothwell; Production company: Rattling Stick.


Our final film this week was created by Mercedes-Benz to celebrate its sponsorship of the Berlin Fashion Week. Whereas most sponsors are fawning towards the event they are associated with, this is instead a brilliantly made mickey-take of fashion films (and to a certain extent the whole industry), titled A Fistful of Wolves. Director: Danny Sangra.