Tasty type

Work in progress on our cover shot this month with the candy letters stuck to a sheet of glass

No, it’s not Photoshop. This month’s cover was created by the New York-based, Italian photographer Massimo Gammacurta using letters created out of sugar, corn syrup and water, then shot on glass.

Gammacurta has been experimenting with his ‘candy’ technique for a number of years, having previously produced a series of images featuring well-known luxury brand logos as lollipops.

“All the sculptures are in a hard ball candy mix that I make myself with sugar, corn syrup and water cooked at 300 degrees Fahrenheit,” he says. While Gammacurta is reluctant to give too many secrets away, he tells us that the mix is first poured into moulds before the ‘imperfections’ of dribbles and bubbles are created while the mix is still pliable. He plays around with instant freezing, different levels of humidity and semi-warm candy to get the best results. For our cover, Gammacurta also cast our logo in sugar for added authenticity.

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