Music Videos of the Month

Picks this month include promos for Siska, Tahiti Boy & The Palmtree Family, Childish Gambino, The Staves, Seafret, The Neighbourhood, and Skrillex, plus a trailer for a new video installation for Björk. We open though with a gorefest for Royal Blood from David Wilson, which mixes live action and animation to tell the lurid tale of a criminal rabbit and his gang…

Track: Out of the Black; Production company: Colonel Blimp

Director Guillaume Panariello captured this video for Siska’s track Unconditional Rebel in just five seconds. It features one tracking shot, filmed using a Phantom Flex4k digital camera at 1,000 frames per second and shooting from a car travelling at 50km per hour. Incredibly, when slowed down, it becomes an exquisite three-and-a-half minute-long promo (once some VFX has been thrown in). Amazing. Production company: VLB Recordings, La Planète Rouge; VFX: Benoit Maffone.

Model Alex Wetter stars in this video for Tahiti Boy & The Palmtree, by French directing duo Jakarno. The promo, for track Low Life, features parodies of retro magazine covers to tell the rise-and-fall story of a rock star. Production company: Passion Paris.

This hilarious, if slightly creepy, video for Childish Gambino’s new track Sober sees the singer using his dance moves to attempt to woo a woman in a late-night café. The promo is directed by Gambino’s regular collaborator Hiro Murai. Production company: Doomsday Entertainment.

The new video for The Staves’ track Black & White tells the tale of the two cheesy news presenters, whose relationship disintegrates live on air. Director: Jack Whiteley; Production company: Rattling Stick.

Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams appears as a tortured teen in this video for Oceans by Seafret. Director: Jonathan Entwistle. Production company: Stink

We’ve seen promos that place bands in weird, desolate settings many a time before, but something about the hazy, trippy visuals combined with the languid vocals in this video for Warm by The Neighbourhood (ft. Raury) makes this one compelling. Director: Dexter Navy; Production company: Partizan.

Directors Fleur & Manu have created a brilliant homage to the movie Groundhog Day in this new video for Doompy Poomp by Skrillex. Production company: Division.

We finish with a glimpse of the much-anticipated video installation Black Lake created for Björk by director Andrew Thomas Huang, which will form part of the singer’s forthcoming exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. A trailer for the installation dropped on YouTube this week and is shown above.