Jigsaw isn’t rubbish

In an unusual move for a highstreet fashion brand, the new campaign for Jigsaw‘s spring/summer 2015 collection by The Corner sees images of the company’s new clothing lines placed against pictures of landfill…

The idea that Jigsaw’s garments should be with its customers for life, rather than thrown away and replaced, is at the centre of the new work.

It follows on from London agency The Corner’s eye-catching series of posters for Jigsaw’s autumn/winter 2014 collection – that launched its ‘Style & Truth’ campaign – and which used bold type and close-up images of fabrics and materials.


“This time we focus on the superior quality of Jigsaw’s clothing against a backdrop of more disposable high street fashion and continue the brand’s drive to engage a younger generation of shoppers,” say The Corner of the ‘For Life Not Landfill’ work.

Luke Stephenson‘s images of models shot against brightly-coloured backdrops are framed by larger photographs of rubbish tips – creating an unusual pairing.


The previous campaign (below) also relied on a jarring between text and image: “Wear Green” accompanied a model wearing a red dres, while “Prints Are Back” was displayed over a huge image of a plain fabric design, for example.

Like the new campaign, this work was also something of an antidote to much of the large-scale advertising on show at London’s Oxford Circus tube station – both perhaps owing more to the visual language and tone associated with classic work by Benetton or Diesel.

And while the new campaign will no doubt appeal to Jigsaw customers, as a wider comment on the influence of the ‘slow fashion‘ movement it might also make other shoppers think about where some of their old clothes end up, or even reconsider how many items they buy.

For Life Not Landfill campaign – Photographer/director: Luke Stephenson. Post-Production: Coffee & TV. Post-Production: Richard Baker. Media: 7 Stars.

Style & Truth campaign – Photographer: Annelise Phillips. Production: East. Retouching: Happy Finish.

More at Jigsaw’s website, here.

New artwork was supplied to us by The Corner 05/03/2015 with centre aligned text. Apparently the versions they initially sent out were uncorrected