Lost Property – NoBrow’s latest 17×23 edition

NoBrow’s 17×23 short form comic book series is designed to help young graphic novelists get into storytelling. Its latest publication is a strange tale of things lost and found by Andy Poyiadgi…

Lost Property tells the story of postman Gerald Cribbin who calls in at a local storage depot to retrieve a letter opener, only to find that the place has somehow collected all of the possessions he has ever lost.

There’s the tuba he left on a train; the kite lost while camping; even a discarded sculpture he made. What transpires is a rather beautiful tale of possessions, memory and art.


The 24-page comic format works very well as an introduction to an artist’s work – in Poyiadgi’s case, Lost Property suggests that he is certainly someone to look out for. His previous short story, Teapot Therapy (which included backgrounds made from English breakfast tea), was shortlisted for The Observer’s Graphic Short Story Prize.

Lost Property is published by NoBrow (17×23 series); £6.50. See Details on the 17×23 series here. Andy Poyiadgi’s work can be seen at