Ads of the Week

In case you hadn’t noticed, there was an eclipse today. While it was a bit of a damp squib in the cloudy UK, brands couldn’t resist trying to get in on the sun-moon action. Our favourite piece of eclipse work came from Oreo, and it leads our pick of the best Ads of the Week…

In a campaign created by FCB Inferno and Drum, and devised by PHD and Talon Outdoor, the biscuit brand created a translucent cover to wrap around the Sun newspaper, showing a giant Oreo blocking out the sun underneath. Oreo also released other eclipse-related ads on billboards and social media (including the image from Facebook, above). Nicely done.

Next up is a series of simple but striking posters created for the Apple iPhone 6, which all feature beautiful images taken on the phones, accompanied by the tagline ‘Shot on iPhone 6’.

This new Volvo XC90 ad is distinctive for the brave decision by the brand to not feature the car at all, and instead use imagery to emphasise how clean its engine is. Agency: Grey London; CCO: Nils Leonard; Creative director: Hollie Newton; Creatives: Jonas Roth, Rasmus Smith Bech.

It’s proven hard for brands to find ways to bring the possibilities offered by virtual reality to life for viewers so far, but this spot promoting Samsung Gear VR achieves this beautifully. The film features an Australian father who, due to work commitments, is unable to be at his wife’s side during the birth of their third child. Using the Samsung kit though, he is taken into the delivery suite virtually. Agency: Leo Burnett; CCO: Andy DiLallo; Worldwide CCO: Mark Tutssel; ECDs: Vince Lagana, Grant McAloon; Creative directors: Sharon Edmondston, Misha McDonald; Directors: Dave Klaiber (Perth), Taylor Steele (QLD); Production company: Rapid VR.

States United to Prevent Gun Violence has created this PSA that aims to make gun owners think by pointing out that instead of making them safer, guns increase the risk of homocide, suicide and unintentional death. The stunt ad sees a fake gun shop set up in New York City where visitors are offered the chance to buy guns supposedly used in well-known crimes and accidents. The would-be buyers, unsurprisingly, react with shock and dismay. Agency: Grey New York; Worldwide CCO: Tor Mhyren; Deputy Worldwide CCO: Per Pedersen; CCO: Andreas Dahlqvist; ECDs: Stephen Krauss, Ari Halper; Creative directors: Marco Pupo, Joao Coutinho; Director: Andrew Lane; Production company: Rival School Pictures.

Knife crime now, and a film from the Scottish Government that starkly demonstrates the way that youth violence affects entire families. At five minutes, it’s a long watch, but the film’s naturalistic performances draw you into the tale. Agency: The Leith Agency.

We finish this week’s round up on a cheerier note, with a series of films from directors and artists at Blinkink and Blink Art created to celebrate 400 years of the Grolsch swing top bottle. I’ve featured my two favourites from the campaign, by Noah Harris and Kyle Bean, above, and the rest of the films can be viewed here.