Ooorg, errrg, aaaar: Monster Supplies site now in zombie

The site rendered in zombie

The website for the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies has undergone a redesign – and is now more widely accessible to the undead. Be it details on edible products or gifts, the site’s contents can be translated into a variety of monster languages from mummy’s hieroglyphics to full on werewolf…


Since it opened in 2010, all profits made from Hoxton Street Monster Supplies shop (above) go to support the Ministry of Stories, the creative writing centre for young people that was founded by novelist Nick Hornby, Lucy Macnab and Ben Payne.

The Ministry is based on writer Dave Eggers and educator Ninive Calegari’s writing centre, 826 Valencia in San Francisco, which is fronted by an infamous pirate’s shop.

The site in hieroglyphics


The new-look site for Hoxton Street Monster Supplies was led by art director and HSMS/Ministry of Stories co-founder, Alistair Hall. The redesign, reflecting the “sense of elegance and mischief of the shop”, has also optimised the site for mobile.

“My main role as art director on the site was to be a real pain in the butt when it came to the finer details of typography, which is one of the key parts of our identity,” says Hall. “The team did an incredible job on the new site, and we’re really proud of it. Our products also look fantastic thanks to the brilliant new photographs by Darryl Stoodley.”

The site in werewoooooolf

A small bar at the top of the site allows users, alive or undead, to change the language. While the default setting is ‘human’, mummies, vampire bats, werewolves and zombies can also browse happily in their own, er, tongue.

The shop is famed for its inventive line of products, from Fang Floss to Banshee Balls. Online, its selection is grouped into Edibles, Lifestyle, Clothing and Gift Ideas – as well as Most Craved, which this week includes a tin of Escalating Panic (black and white humbugs) and an original story from author Joe Dunthorne. In fact, all of its consumables come complete with a short story by a well known writer – contributors include Hornby, Charlie Higson and Zadie Smith.

Art director: Alistair Hall. Creative directors: Gavin and Jason Fox. Copywriter: James North. Developer: Jamie Ingram. User experience design: Jen Williams. The shop is at 159 Hoston Street, London, N1 6PJ. Visit