Bridgeman Studio Award 2015: The Great Outdoors

CR is partnering with Bridgeman Images, the art licensing specialists, for the second annual Bridgeman Studio Award to source new talent for the contemporary art platform. You could win a licensing deal with CultureLabel, a commission for the Wilderness Festival and professional representation for your work

Last year’s Bridgeman Studio Award was won by illustrator Kate Edwards (whose winning image is shown above). As well as winning £500 and a free year’s subscription to Bridgeman Studio for image licensing, Kate’s images have since been used on book covers in the Netherlands, an Italian corporate publication as well as prints bought through Bridgeman’s print-on-demand partner, Katie will also be one of the Bridgeman Studio artists running a workshop at this year’s Wilderness Festival which is also a partner in the 2015 award.

Tying in with the Wilderness Festival’s support, this year’s theme is The Great Outdoors. Entrants will be asked to provide digital images which sum up exploration, travel, freedom and wild nature. The brief is open to all artists and includes photography, illustration and graphic works.

Full details, including entry form, here


The Prizes
Three winners will receive their own product line (limited edition print, tea-towel, t-shirt) on CultureLabel, featuring their images from which they will receive commission on every sale.

They will also be invited to join Bridgeman Studio for licensing and given one year’s free subscription.

Grand Prize – £500 Commission

A £500 commission to create the Wilderness Festival map, which 10,000 visitors to the festival will receive on arrival. A work of art in itself, the map will fold out to A3 size and will additionally be shown on large signage



• Competition open to all UK-based and international artists
• Maximum of 5 entries per artist.
All artwork entered into the competition remains 100% copyright of the artist. You can enter existing images, you do not have to create work specially for the competition.
• All artwork can be used in marketing and advertising the competition from Bridgeman and third parties (including Creative Review) .
• Entrants must give permission for their names and photographs to be used for publicity.
• The entry can be photography, illustration, digital art or fine art.
• All artwork must be 100% original copyright owned by the artist and not use any third party copyright material.
CultureLabel terms & conditions apply
• Entries must be supplied as two files, one high resolution .jpeg sized between 3MB and 5MB, and one low resolution version, sized between 250KB and 500KB
• By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees to these terms and conditions


Submit up to five digital images on this theme to

The results will be announced in CR’s August issue, plus across all Bridgeman social channels, blog and website.


This is your chance to get professional representation for your work. Good luck!