Graphic designer? GD& want to hear from you

Publishers GraphicDesign& have developed a survey which includes questions about practice, perceptions and prejudices in the design industry – alongside others concerning age, education and pay. The results will be analysed and published in a book at the end of this year. But they need your help…

If you’re a UK or US-based graphic designer, and would like to take part in the anonymous survey, your answers will help contribute to GD&’s state-of-the-industry publication, Graphic Designers Surveyed. Filling in the survey should take between five and 20 minutes to complete.

“We want this project to produce more than just statistics,” say the studio, who are working with social scientist Nikandre Kopcke and information designer Stefanie Posavec on the project. “Its focus is on people not just proportions. While there are existing surveys that look at the design industry, our approach is more idiosyncratic and, frankly, nosy.”

The survey has been running for nearly two months – over 1,000 designers have already taken part – and will be open to participants until April 26. So far, the results make for interesting reading.

For example:

80% of respondents say they work more hours than they are paid to do.

75% say they rarely feel ethically compromised in their work.

66% aren’t designing what they thought they would be when they started.

Overwhelmingly, designers adhere to a set of design principles in their work (64%), but by and large they don’t think that clients understand what that this means (55%).

According to GD&, when the survey closes Kopcke will analyse the results and “look at who we say we are and how graphic designers compare to other industry groups. Because this is about and for graphic designers we’ve invited information designer Stefanie Posavec to help visually interpret the data.”

The results will be revealed in Graphic Designers Surveyed, a GraphicDesign& Social Science title, published later in 2015.”

To take part in the survey, go here. Some example questions are below: