Met Police explain how the Hatton Garden job was done in handy interactive guide

Easter’s daring Hatton Garden raid in London seemed like something straight out of a heist movie. Now the Metropolitan Police have brought the details of the robbery dramatically to life in an interactive piece of content created using the thinglink platform

Time was the most elaborate communications effort we could expect from the police about a major crime would be a harrassed-looking copper sitting behind a desk trying not to answer questions from the press pack. But we live in the age of interactive digital media – something the Met appear to have enthusiastically embraced with the release of an interactive detailing the whole process of the Hatton Garden Burglary.

Using thinglink, a platform that allows users to add rich media links to images, the Met has combined phtotos of the crime scene with details of how the robbers did it and audo files all embedded in a diagram of the robbery distributed to the media. (Full link here)



So if you want to know how to pull off a major jewellery heist, here it all is. What woud Jack Regan make of it we wonder?