The Mad Men Experience

With Mad Men reaching its conclusion, The Mad Men Experience provides a beautifully crafted overview of the show, its main characters and big themes



In years gone by, this would probably have been a glossy coffee table book: instead, Lions Gate, Google Play and production company Stinkdigital have marked the ending of one of the most talked-about TV shows of recent times with an interactive experience that brings together over 300 pieces of content.



If you like a linear approach, you can explore the show season by season with key moments provided by embedded YouTube clips plus artwork, photography and commentary from the show’s makers. However, the site also allows you to choose from ten main characters.



Choose Betty, for example, and you can examine how her character develops in response to her frustrations, her changing relationships and her situation.


One of Mad Men’s most noted features has been its examination of overarching social and narrative themes. Here you can choose from a menu of five as well as exploring the era in which the show was set (plus detail on costume and set design) and the music used in the show.


Navigation is simple, with a hamburger menu always available to take you back to the Seasons, Charaters, Themes home page. There are few of the design flourishes that we have seen from major content projects such as Snow Fall but with content this great, extraneous features would have been unnecessary.

It’s a lovely accompaniment to the show – explore it here. As the opening screen says, in an allusion to one of the key scenes, ‘Welcome to the Carousel’.

Be warned, though. There are SPOILERS. Lots of them.