WWF launches emoji-based fundraising campaign

WWF has this week launched a clever campaign using Twitter to help raise funds for the charity. Created by Wieden + Kennedy London, it identifies all the emoji animals that are endangered, and then encourages participants to pay 10p for each time they use them in a tweet…

#EndangeredEmoji identifies 17 animals that appear in the standard emoji alphabet and are endangered in the real world, including the bluefin tuna, spider monkey, Sumatran tiger and African wild dog (the full list is illustrated below). Regular emoji users are encouraged to sign up to be part of the campaign via or by retweeting the Endangered Emoji tweet which is pinned to the top of the @WWF Twitter feed. Participants then go about their daily life, using emojis as they please, and WWF will tally up any endangered animal ones they use and present them with a (voluntary) monthly donation amount.



With use of emojis on Twitter reaching the hundreds of thousands since they were introduced on the social media platform last year, many brands have been trying to muscle in on the emoji act. Most of them have done this by trying to create their own symbols, and hoping that people may use them. What sets this work apart is the ingenious use of the pre-existing emoji library, and the charming way that it has been repurposed to raise awareness of an important cause. It is also likely to gain particular attention amongst the notoriously hard-to-reach youth demographic.