Smith & Foulkes direct new Honda ads for US market

Directing duo Smith & Foulkes has teamed up with California agency RPA to create new pair of animated spots for Honda promoting the brand’s new CR-V Crossover. One stars cars, while the other features a series of misshapen faces…

The new spots will be aired in the US during the NBA playoffs on June 11 and 14. The first film, Give and Take, presents a series of people trying to reshape their faces with comical results. Each time they make a change to one feature, another becomes distorted, with results similar to the warping effects in Apple’s Photo Booth app. The film offers a light hearted take on the idea that you can’t have everything the way you like – except, of course (as a voiceover points out), with the new CR-V:


The second film, Great Thinking Inside, presents the many cars which have led to the making of the Crossover, from a 1974 Honda Civic to a 1979 Accord and 1993 Prelude. Each new model snaps to fit over the old one like Russian dolls, ending with the Crossover, which is filmed driving into the distance to the tune of Sammy Davis Jr’s Gonna Build a Mountain:



The ads are the latest in a series of charming animated spots by Smith & Foulkes for Honda: as well as the brilliant Grrr, they directed 2013’s Hands idents and last year’s Inner Beauty, which took viewers on a journey inside various objects from a golf ball to a camera, to show the unexpected beauty concealed within them (you can see how it was made in our March 2014 feature here). RPA’s recent work for Honda includes a 2014 Super Bowl spot starring Bruce Willis, promoting the brand’s crash safety features, and the One More Thing to Love About Today campaign for Honda Civic.

The latest films adopt a similarly playful tone, and combine a simple idea with some nice animation and a cheerful soundtrack.