New Apple film tracks the changing way we listen to music

Yesterday Apple announced the imminent arrival of Apple Music, a new app that is a combination of a streaming music service, a radio station and a social network for musicians. If that sounds like quite a bit to get your head around, you might prefer to watch this charming film, which tracks the myriad ways we have consumed music over the decades, from the gramophone to the boombox, the 8 track to the iPod…



The film is a nice rundown of our music-listening heritage, a beautifully edited trip from 1888 to the present day. This kind of historical journey in film is fairly well-worn advertising ground, but is always a pleasure to watch and here performs the purpose – not explicitly stated – of suggesting that the next revolution in listening will be the new Apple Music app.

What is perhaps most surprising though is how retro the early iPods already look – how did that happen so fast?