Music Videos of the Month

It’s that time of the month again – so make a cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy some slices of music video brilliance.

First up is a spectacular display from the students of Shaolin Tagou, the biggest fighting school for kids in China, for Gener8ion and MIA’s track The New International Sound Pt II. Apparently these crowd scenes were not done in post.


Director: Inigo Westmeier; Production company: Iconoclast


The members of Blur become characters in a retro computer game in this cute video for track Ong Ong, directed by Tony Hung. Production company: Trunk Animation.


Gaming is at the core of this video too, which is for Darwin Deez’s Kill Your Attitude. Director: Dent De Cuir; Production company: Caviar London.


It seems rather a lot to expect musicians to be able to act too, but Róisín Murphy proves she’s more than up to the task in this striking new video for her track Evil Eyes. And what’s more she’s directed it too. Production company: Squire.


This beautiful piece of black-and-white animation is directed by Keita Onishi for Dynamics of the Subway by Haisuinonasa.


Back to the narrative videos now, with this tale of a injured former jockey and his fight to ride again, which is created to accompany Kodaline’s track Ready. Director: Abteen Bagheri


This hilarious video for It’s Not Over by On an On features a couple who won’t let the simple detail of a train keep them apart. Director: Carlos Lopez Estrada; Production company: Alpen Pictures.


The secret fantasies of a set of suburban characters are laid bare in this beautifully shot video for the track Don’t Sing by Data. Director: David Bertram; Production company: Standard Films.


Directing team A Nice Idea Every Day has used an appealing retro style in this video for Jungle by Panama, which documents the shooting of a mysterious movie.


We finish with this clever mobile video from director Vania Heymann, created for the song Save Me by Keys n Krates. To experience it you have to view it on a phone, where you can scroll through an Instagram-style site which hosts a series of gifs, all of which are moving in time to the music. The behind-the-scenes film above explains it all in more detail but I encourage you to go to on your phone to experience it properly. Design: Meld; Digital Production: Jam3.