Nick Ballon’s delicious film for Crane cookwear

Photographer Nick Ballon has shot a lovely film to promote Crane cookwear at its 175 year-old foundry in France –made all the better by a great soundtrack

Ballon‘s work will be familiar to regular CR readers – his projects have regularly appeared in our Photography Annuals (our 2015 Photo Annual is open for entries here). For this project, Ballon shot both moving image and stills to show the processes and people that create Crane’s pots and pans. The score, by Beatrice Dillon and Rupert Clervaux of Have Music, adds an extra dimension, making a very welcome change from the lo-fi noodling that has become something of a clichéd feature of ‘craft’ documentaries.



It’s a typically sensitive bit of storytelling by Ballon, while the subject matter puts us in mind of another promotional film shot at the French factory of a cookwear brand – this classic bit of Tony Kaye madness from 1992, written by Antony Easton and Adam Kean.


Director/Photographer: Nick Ballon
Editing: Jaroslav Moravec
Music: Have Music
Design: Studio Small
Thanks to S A Godin
Agent/Producer: Blink Art