Unforgettable Marmite ads

All this week we’re looking back at our judges’ favourite images from the CR Photography Annual 2014. Here, Fallon’s Sarah Thomson explains why she loved the Marmite Neglect campaign shot by David Sykes for Adam&EveDDB

With entries now open for the 2015 Creative Review Photography Annual, we are looking back at the big winners from last year. Naturalistic imagery helped to convey the idea of neglected jars of Marmite hidden away in the nation’s cupboards in this campaignwhich was selected for our Best in Book section by Fallon head of art production, Sarah Thomson.



“I love these shots as the photography appears to be effortless,” she says. “They look just as if you were looking into your own cupboard and there was no camera involved. As a result they are fantastically believable. There are a few reasons for this: they are shot at an angle that you would look into a cupboard, the props are neither overly beautifully or regularly arranged, they just like look a real shelf of stuff. I really like the grains of salt on the plastic salt pot, and there are lots of tiny details that, crucially, don’t necessarily stand out but each one adds to the overall credibility.  And then of course they’re funny too.”


“The focus allows us to subtly see that the Marmite pot is almost hidden, but not quite, and in support of the idea, doesn’t want to be consigned to the back of the cupboard and forgotten. I think it’s a perfect execution of the idea.”

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