Finally, Shiseido in Japan gives us an inventive beauty ad

The ad relies on a twist so I won’t blah on about what happens here and ruin the fun. But it’s worth noting that while the twist itself isn’t a particularly new idea, it’s the way it’s filmed and the attention to detail in the spot that makes it really stand out. Plus the fact that the brand doesn’t attempt to ram a deep, earnest message home at the end, instead keeping it light with a simple tagline.

The other fun thing is the making-of, which instead of explaining how the ad was made – that is already revealed in the film after all – concentrates on all the products used in it. Undoubtedly this will lead to many sales for Shiseido all by itself.

Shiseido has been in touch with credits for the campaign, which are listed in full below. The company also shared some interesting info how the film was made: apparently it was all shot in one continuous take over more than seven hours. “The students remained in the same position for the entire time, sometimes with their arms and legs shaking from the strain, as they were undressed, dressed and made up,” says Shiseido’s Aya Usui.

Director: Sho Yanagisawa, The Directors Guild
Photographer: Jin Ohashi
Creative director: Masato Kosukegawa, Shiseido
Hair & Make-up: Shiseido Beauty Creation Research Center Team
Chief Make-up Artist: Ai Nieda, Shiseido
Chief Hair Artist: Mikiya Fujioka, Shiseido
Production: Watts of Tokyo
Song: Wanna by Spanova feat. Izumi makura & Itto

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