The Binions are coming

The Minions are (of course) the animated stars of the Despicable Me films and more recently of their own eponymous and highly successful movie. Their popularity has brought their distinctive yellow hue to all corners of the world – and not least, it seems, to Sussex.

In a feat of unprecedented appreciation for the little characters, each of the ten bins to have appeared has duly been painted Minion yellow and/or blue and features tube-like arms, eyes and cartoon mouths. Such is the devotion to Minion detail, there are even a couple of ‘monocular’ types thrown in as well.

Minion bin. Photo by Daniel Moon
Minion bin. Photo by Daniel Moon

Their location is equally ambitious, reports the Express – seven of the bins are in Peacehaven, one is in Newhaven, while two others have managed to get to a small island on Rottingdean pond and St Dunstan’s roundabout.

As reported on the Express site, Daniel Moon, who took the photographs shown here, shed some light on the Binions. “We think they appeared overnight on Sunday, as one of the shop owners said they found it outside on Monday morning,” he said.

A Binion ponders its fate. Photo by Daniel Moon Photo by Daniel Moon Photo by Daniel Moon Minion bin. Photo by Daniel Moon

“We have no idea who is responsible or why they’ve done it, but it’s quite amusing. People have been going around trying to find all ten.”

“I thought it might be something to promote the upcoming TyeFest, as they have a Minion appearing there,” said Moon, “but Mayor Wayne Botting has denied it, and there are no Minion bins in Telscombe or Saltdean.”

According to the Express, Peacehaven town council has said it doesn’t know who is behind the work but that it “admires their creativity”.

As do we – and we salute you, Binion overlord, wherever you are.

The exact locations of the bins in Peacehaven and Newhaven are detailed on the Sussex Express website at Thanks to Daniel Moon for the photographs.

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