Beautiful Floating Points video created using 'light-painting machine'

A new video for Floating Points' track Silhouettes takes light painting to a whole new level

We've covered plenty of light painting projects over the years – all the way back to Gjon Mili's famous picture of Picasso – but Pablo Barquín, Junior Martínez, Nathan Grimes and Anna Diaz Ortuño's Floating Points video takes the technique up a notch.


The luminous forms in the video are created, not by someone waving a light pen about, but using a specially-built light-painting machine. Over on the Hamill Industries website, the team explain that "All are in-camera effects made by a custom built three axis machine capable of reproducing, in light, any form designed in 3D animation software. Whilst drawing the forms frame by frame, the machine is also programmable to control all other aspects of capturing the image, camera shutter release, lights and any other external events such as fog machines and motion control systems," they explain. "The machine was designed and built from scratch by Hamill Industries."

Directors: Pablo Barquín, Junior Martínez
Creative Team: Pablo Barquín, Anna Diaz Ortuño, Nathan Grimes, Junior Martínez
Executive Producers: H.I. (Hamill Industries) & Floating Points
Lead Producer: Anna Diaz Ortuño
Director of Photography: Nathan Grimes
Research & Technical Development: Pablo Barquín, H.I.
H.I. Technical Assistant: Joan Recasens
Editor: Anna Diaz Ortuño
Lead Animators: Fernando Domínguez, Wyz Borrero
Animators: Ohmyhood, Luis "Inkclear" Redondo
Concept Artists: Junior Martínez, Michele Angelo
Plants Set Decorators: Estudio Sauvage
Post-production Team: Agus Verrastro, Florent Bastide
Production Assistants: Aida Busquets, Lidia Arruego
Digital Intermediate provided by RCO
RCO Colorist: Seth Ricart
RCO Producer: Marcus Lansdell