Everything is Architecture: Bau magazine at the ICA

There is a treat for design fans coming up at the end of this month at the ICA in London, as the gallery hosts an exhibition celebrating the 1960s Austrian architectural magazine Bau: Magazine for Architecture and Urban Planning.

Despite its somewhat dry subtitle, the magazine was experimental in its approach, extending the concept of architecture beyond just buildings and also exploring ideas that ventured into art and politics. This outlook was demonstrated in both the magazine's playful graphic design – examples of which can be seen here – and in its size and style, which had the feel of a glossy fashion mag. It also featured a creative use of advertising, in keeping with the magazine's interdisciplinary approach.

The show at the ICA is the first time an exhibition about Bau has taken place in the UK – it opens on July 28 and will be held in the Fox Reading Room. Original issues of the magazine from between 1965 and 1970 will be displayed; a period when a group of influential Austrian architects and artists including Hans Hollein, Walter Pichler, Günther Feuerstein and Oswald Oberhuber took over its editorship.


Top: Issue 1, 1969; Above: Issue 6, 1967

Issue 1-2, 1966

Issue 5, 1965

Issue 3, 1965

Issue 5-6, 1966

Issue 1, 1965

Issue 1, 1967

Issue 1-2, 1968. All images published by Zentralvereinigung der Architekten Österreichs, courtesy the artists and their estates


Everything is Architecture: Bau Magazine from the 60s and 70s will be on show at the ICA from July 28 until September 27.