Anthony Burrill on the design of the Google Beach in Cannes

The 2015 Cannes Lions is now underway, with talks, awards and parties taking place all week across the French city. The advertising and design event is touted as a 'festival of creativity', though is often rather dull and corporate on the visual front. One exception to this is the Google Beach, which is designed this year by Anthony Burrill and celebrates ten years of YouTube...

Over the course of the week, Google will be inviting a number of YouTube stars, including The Slow Mo Guys, Les Twins, and Helbig & Hart, to host talks and events on the beach. There will also be fitness and baking events, industry talks, DJ sets, and an inter-agency beach volleyball competition taking place, as well as the highly subscribed Google Party on the Thursday night.



Burrill, who also worked on the space last year, has been closely involved in every aspect of this year's look (which he created in collaboration with 'brand experience' agency Flourish), and the aim has been to inject his personality across the site. "My input has always been to steer it away from being too corporate," he says. "Because I'm completely outside Google culture, I'm coming at it from a different angle. A lot of proposals I came up with were just to push everyone to make it into an interesting space."

While Burrill is particularly associated with text and slogans, his designs extend well beyond this in the space. "It's not so much text," he continues. "I've done lots of geometric stuff, using some of the YouTube icons. The overall feel of the space is more me  – rather than just having my stuff slapped on there, I'm a bit more in the DNA of the space really.... It was designing everything from little stickers that go on plastic cups right to the main stage which is five metres high. We've done lots of visuals and animations for when the mystery attraction is performing [at the party]."



The team began work on the beach space in February. "I think it's amazing they put so much energy into it, it's really cool," Burrill continues. "It's a brilliant project to work on because I get involved in architecture and the way the spaces work. Everything is built on the computer in 3D and we can apply graphics to things  – it's completely different to the normal stuff that I do."

The Google Beach is open to all Cannes Lions delegates until Friday. More info on Cannes Lions is at