Exposure: Photographer Ryan Edy


Art Director Gemma Fletcher examines the work of Photographer Ryan Edy, in the latest installment of a series looking into new talent in photography, from recent graduates to photographers breaking into the industry...

Lifestyle continues to be a dominant force in commercial imagery. Flare drenched images are used to sell everything from insurance to toothpaste and as photography gets more competitive year on year, this genre continues to swell with popularity. The recent recession even saw an influx of established photographers move to lifestyle, as a seemingly safer way to secure work.

It is naively thought of by many as an ‘easy' area of the industry, however, capturing truly great lifestyle moments that feel spontaneous, energetic and authentic is a real craft. The masters like Sam Robinson and Peter Beavis are few and far between.

As a densely saturated area of the industry it can be difficult to find something new to say. British photographer Ryan Edy is working hard to carve a new space for himself. His work is light on lens flare compared to many of his peers, concentrating on energy and dynamic points of view to capture the viewer's attention.

Edy's portfolio is diverse in characters, demonstrating his ability to create intriguing visual narratives whether he is shooting in the pub or in the playground. He creates a heightened sense of reality, distilling those wonderful everyday moments with ease and emotion.

Positioning the viewer in the heart of the action, Edy's approach to sport has a rich cinematic sensibility. His earthy palette gives his work a subtle signature twist as well making it feel inherently British - a refreshing change from the genre's obsession with all things American.

After only a few years in the industry, Edy's career is building momentum and he recently scored his biggest commission to date for Subaru. Rapidly becoming an expert in distilling energy and emotion into every single frame.

Bicycle images: Elian cycles/Ryan Edy
Volleyball image: Sunderland University/Ryan Edy