Apple continues stripped-back style in new ads

Back in April, top ad creative and regular CR columnist Paul Belford waxed lyrical about the new Apple iPhone 6 outdoor campaign, which features photographs shot on the phones blown up to poster size. The campaign continues this week, this time in a series of films featuring footage recorded by the devices, and the results are equally lovely...

As in the posters, the premise with these ads is simple: they are product demos, showing off the quality of the iPhone 6's camera. While the films have clearly been edited by Apple – each is only 15 seconds long – and music added (often to great effect), our understanding is that they feature found footage all genuinely shot by members of the public using the phones, which has been discovered by Apple and its ad agency TBWA Media Arts Lab.

With a mix of close ups – including a ladybird on a branch and a cute doggy laying in the grass – and wider shots, such as beautiful footage taken from the back of a subway car, the spots effortlessly show the diversity of the iPhone 6's camera, while pointing out the creative ways it can be used to capture everyday scenes.



Apple has long made great use of the product demo, a style of advertising that can seem old-fashioned in others' hands. For the launch of products such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad, all that was needed to draw in the public was a simple demonstration of how they worked. In its more recent iPad advertising, which has featured earnest voiceovers from the likes of Martin Scorsese and Robin Williams, the tone has been more epic, but at their core the films are still showing the myriad uses of the device.

The stripped-back style of this campaign for the iPhone 6 reveals an even more confident approach, however. By removing the showy bombast that dominates the iPad spots, the emphasis is back on the phone once more, and in a world where most people's cameras are now their phones, the films amply demonstrate the value of choosing Apple.