Music Videos of the Month

Welcome to our latest Music Videos of the Month round-up. Kicking off our selection this time is a totally charming 'interactive' piece for the song Golden Touch by Namie Amuro from Party in New York, which invites your finger to become part of the action...



The film is reminiscent of the series of 'touch' ads from Skittles which also invited viewers to put their fingers on the screen (Cat ad here), but given the length offered by a music video, Party has had even more fun with the concept. Agency: Party NY; Party NY director: Masashi Kawamura; Designers: Jamie Carreiro, Qanta Shimizu, Tom Galle, Eiji Muroichi; Production company: Logan East; Director: Kenji Yamashita; Designer: Rick Kuan.


Directing duo Surrender Monkeys has created this humorous promo for The Giver by Duke Dumont, which imagines the impact of Jesus arriving on Venice Beach, LA. Production company: Bold.


The 3D graphics used in this video for Tame Impala's Cause I'm A Man have a distinctly retro vibe, but it's hypnotically captivating nonetheless. Director: Weirdcore; Production company: Prettybird.


This lengthy but compelling narrative video tells the story of a sweet if naive guy that just wants to share his music with passers-by, but comes up against a lot of aggression instead. It accompanies Paul Kalkbrenner's track Cloud Rider. Director: Björn Rühmann; Production company: Jefferson Projects.


Our next piece of work is not technically a video but more an app, but as it's created for a band – Big Data – it's found its way in here. Titled Nice 2 Hack You, it's created by Rajeev Basu, and when downloaded, the app will investigate your browser history and highlight any naughty or personal information it discovers, before inviting you to share it to win Big Data-related prizes. The aim is to highlight how little online privacy we have, plus spread Big Data's music, which is all about surveillance and snooping. The film above explains the app in more detail.


For his video for Flume's new track Some Minds (featuring Andrew Wyatt), director Clemens Habicht gives us an atmospheric backstage tour of the Sydney Opera House after dark, topped off by some bizarre and amazing dance scenes.


Things get a little creepy and dark when a man looks back at his school yearbook and revisits his obsession for classmate Celsa in this hugely entertaining promo for the song Darlin' Celsa by Maestro. Directors: Parachutes; Production company: Slowdance.


Animation with pins and thread is rarely as charming as in this video for Son Lux's Change is Everything, directed by Nathan Johnson. While a pleasure to watch, one can only imagine how agonising it was to create. Production company: The Made Shop.


We finish on an intense note with this glitchy promo for The Swimmer by Metz which sees a guy having a very bad day while trapped in a world where everything is stuttering, gif-style. Directors: Leblanc + Cudmore; Production company: Revolver Films.