PG Tips' refreshing rebrand

You can't get much more mainstream than PG Tips, which makes Jones Knowles Ritchie's clean, crisp and witty rebrand all the more welcome

JKR has taken what was looking a pretty tired brand, loaded with the extraneous and generic messaging beloved of major brand packaging, and stripped it back to its essentials – perhaps, after Turner Duckworth's landmark project, this should be known in the design industry as 'doing a Coke'.



Where previously (see above) 3D type in some kind of sunburst treatment sat above a photorealistic tea plantation, the new packaging has a much simpler, stronger flatter logo.



There's a lovely overprint effect where the P and the G overlap to form a tea-leaf shape. Above them sits the famous monkey, now transformed into a witty mark. So althoough things have been cleaned up, the brand retains its warmth and the humour that it has long been known for.



JKR say the interplay of the red and green will be developed into a wider visual language for the brand.


It's a refreshing, beautifully crafted approach. I did have one thought though, particularly after seeing this shot – of course the dimensions are different but doesn't this pack look a bit like a packet of cigarettes?