Exposure: Photographer Andrew B. Myers

Art Director Gemma Fletcher examines the work of Photographer Andrew B. Myers, in the fifth installment of a series looking into new talent in photography, from recent graduates to photographers breaking into the industry...

Canadian born Andrew B. Myers is here to shake things up. His graphic, bold, seductive images capture the voice of the millennial generation, as well as occasionally poking fun at it.

Blunt, confident and fearless, Myers' images are beautifully executed but never take things too seriously. His dry wit provides a refreshing break in the tsunami of commercial images we encounter everyday. Since graduating he has focused on playful editorial and personal work, developing and refining his distinctive style.

He seamlessly interchanges between shooting still life and people - they feel one and the same in his world - shaped by his humorous point of view.

His big break came from scoring a Time magazine cover where he was tasked with illustrating the narcissistic ‘selfie generation'. This opportunity saw him move from his native Canada to New York City where he is now based.

Myers' images are meticulously composed but also have a sense of ease and lightness. The compositions reference his love of diagrams and architecture and on the surface feel like data visualisations categorising everyday objects.

His work celebrates the strange little moments or circumstances that we can all relate to but never take the time to articulate, and appeal to our childlike sense of wonder and curiosity. The objects come alive, mimicking human behavior, while the people he shoots become three-dimensional props.

His perfectly offbeat and sublime colour palette and lighting make his work instantly recognisable. Myers is just getting started; with some great editorial under his belt it's a matter of time before some meaty clients harness his witty and playful aesthetic.