Sweet new campaign for the Museum of Childhood

Scattered around Tower Hamlets, the London borough that is home to the V&A's Museum of Childhood, are a series of eyecatching vinyl drawings inspired by everyday objects including drains, road markings and street lamps...

The campaign encourages onlookers to "see the world through a child's eyes", where ordinary parts of the street can become skulls, birds, monkeys and snakes when viewed with a child's imagination. Created by AMV BBDO ad agency, it includes 20 artworks from artists and illustrators including Martha Orzel, Greg Abbot, Kate Sutton, Rob Flowers, Paul Pateman, Serge Seidlitz, Mick Marston, Andrew Rae, Sergio Mora Thiago de Moraes, Andy Clough and Dalatando Almeida.

For those who actively want to seek out the works, rather than just stumble upon them, there is a website, designed by MediaMonks, which lists all the artworks on a map along with info on each (still from the site shown below). The site can be found at

The campaign encourages passers-by to look at the world in a fresh light, though ultimately is also trying to persuade people to head down to the Museum of Childhood, Tower Hamlets' excellent children's museum, which showcases toys from down the ages.

Agency: AMV BBDO
Creative directors: Ant Nelson, Mike Sutherland
Creatives: Diccon Driver, Alan Wilson
Website: MediaMonks