The GAYTMs are back!

Last year, Australian bank ANZ caused a stir with its makeover of a selection of cash points in Sydney in celebration of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in the city. Following the massive success of this first campaign, the GAYTMs are back again this year, with more elaborate designs and even music...

The campaign is the brainchild of ANZ and its agency Whybin/TBWA Melbourne, with the design of the GAYTMs created by artistic collective The Glue Society. Last year's campaign was a massive hit with the public, and went on to pick up the Outdoor Grand Prix in Cannes, so for this year, the challenge was how to create something as eye-catching the second time around.

To do this, James Dive and Pete Baker of The Glue Society have moved on from rhinestones – the dominant material used to decorate the ATMs in 2014 – and created a series of elaborate 3D designs, made from thousands of individual laser cut pieces, which have all been constructed by hand. The designs light up at night (see film below), and motion detectors set off music when someone withdraws money.

"The process was achingly exacting," says Dive. "There were over 30,000 individually cut pieces that had to be assembled by hand. An enormous jigsaw puzzle basically."

"Our challenge was to build on the success of last year's installations and take the concept to a new level artistically," says Baker. "That meant introducing new materials, breaking the confines of the canvas and introducing features like light and sound."

ANZ has been a major sponsor of the Sydney Mardi Gras since 2007, and as with last year's GAYTMs, all the operating fees from the machines (which are standard in Australia if using a teller machine from a bank other than your own to take out cash) will be donated to Twenty10, a non-profit gay and lesbian charity. And again like last year, the machines will feature rainbow receipts.

New for this year though is the 'only GAYTM in the village', where a GAYTM will be installed in a rural town voted for by the public, with the winner being the town of Daylesford, Victoria.

Agency: Whybin\TBWA Melbourne
Creatives: Paul Reardon, Tara Ford, Daniel Pizzato
Project and artistic directors: James Dive, Pete Baker, The Glue Society
Production: Will O'Rourke