Way to Go by Vincent Morisset

Vincent Morisset, the acclaimed artist and director behind a series of interactive music videos for Arcade Fire, has created a new digital artwork, titled Way to Go, which invites you to take a walk in the woods...

Way to Go, which can be accessed at on Chrome browsers, has been created in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada, and is Morisset's second piece with the NFB, following his earlier artwork BLA BLA.

Its premise is simple: users take the role of a character who walks through woods that are created using a mix of hand-drawn animation, 360˚ video capture and "WebGL sorcery". Along the way your character will jump, fly, meet a friend, swim, run and play. As the opening credits to the piece suggest, the experience can last for six minutes, or "maybe it lasts forever".

In his previous work for Arcade Fire (which includes web experiences for Neon Bible and Just A Reflektor) and BLA BLA, Morisset has proved a pioneer in the creation of digital art with a soul as well as superb functionality.

What is striking about Way to Go is how little it demands of the viewer – we are used to digital projects that give us information or advertising messages, or which ask us to take part in games or quests. Very few online artworks allow us to just 'be', and enjoy exploring a digital world for the sake of it. As such, Way to Go is a little disorientating at first – it's hard to let go of the sense that you should be trying to achieve something. Settle into it though, and it becomes as absorbing and relaxing as a real walk in the woods. But here you can fly.


Director: Vincent Morisset
Studio: AATOAA
Music/sound: Philippe Lambert
Creative coding/technology: Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit
Animation, draing, macro videos, costumes: Caroline Robert
Production: Hugues Sweeney, National Film Board of Canada
Co-production: Boris Razon, France Télévisions