Taking Pictures #4: Photography from Nadia Lee Cohen, Gallimore by Rankin, Uldus Bakhtiozina and more

The fourth instalment of our regular pick of photography includes work from Nadia Lee Cohen, Andrew Gallimore by Rankin, Goa International Photography Festival, GoaPhoto, Russ Land by Uldus Bakhtiozina, Second Coming on and @pepedsgn aka Giuseppe Pepe...

100 Naked Women by Nadia Lee Cohan

For this ongoing project of nude portraits by Nadia Lee Cohen, the London-based photographer creates glossy, kitschy, surreal scenes with in-your-face female characters. Inspired in part by the Free the Nipple campaign, a movement against the censorship of the female body, Cohen's highly stylized, saturated images aim to confront unrealistic depictions of the female form in fashion and advertising. These women are real, and their characters are weird, sexy and owning it.

She describes her aesthetic as influenced by cinema and cinematic photography, and also references her obsession with strong, unconventional characters such as drag performer Divine (as seen in Pink Flamingos), and photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia's book of male prostitutes, Hustlers, in terms of narrative-led images that look like film stills.

"I cast women who seem a little quirky with expressive faces. Most are friends who I respect and admire for their individuality; others are responses from adverts put out through social media," Cohen says. "Prior to each shoot I imagine the characters in fake situations as though they are stolen moments from a movie. The sets and situations are very important to ensure that the girls really get into character almost taking on the role of actors. I feel this escapism is important in a project that requires such confidence and bravery."

The full series is due to be published in a book early next year with Sturm and Drang.


Andrew Gallimore by Rankin

For the fourth instalment in Rankin's beauty book series, the photographer and founder of Hunger magazine and Dazed & Confused, brings together his collaborations with renowned make-up artist and Hunger beauty editor-at-large, Andrew Gallimore in this colourful large-format book. Together, the duo have created many striking looks and images that push the boundaries of the beauty world, often aiming to explore the very definition of what beauty is.

Gallimore's creations are often seen as works of art in themselves - from working out what unusual materials he could use to decorate faces, to studying facial architecture, emotion and colour representation; for looks that range from from attainable, glowing, and gorgeous, to fantasy and optical illusions.

Andrew Gallimore by Rankin is available from Boutique Mags, £25.00

Shown above: She Comes in Colour (Hunger, Issue 6); In Stitches I & II; Detail Chrome (The Spirit of Ecstasy, Rolls Royce Book); Epitaph IV & II (; Boxy Fit III (Hunger, Issue 3); Punk Off; Fume of Sighs (Hunger, Issue 5); Out of the Darkness (Hunger, Issue 2)



Two photo festivals take place later this month in Goa, unassociated with one another, but both hopeful for India's future as a creative hub - looking to ignite inspiration and interest around photography for the nation and for a potential future generation of artists, in light of creative media and entertainment industries being an area of significant growth in India.

Goa International Photography Festival
10-21 Feb

Goa International Photo Festival is run by the One School Goa in their campus in the village of Uccassaim, Bardez, in the north of the state. Exhibitions consider both disappearing traditions and contemporary life, from emerging and established artists, with shows including India Portrayed, showcasing some of the nation's prominent photographers; Portraits from an Island, including work from British photographers; American Icons; World Press Photo '14; a show curated from an open callout around the theme of 'faith'; and several others capturing the people and stories of Goa; plus artist talks, photo walks and other events running alongside.

Shown above: The Emergence by Prateek Dubey; from the series Phaneng by Samar Jodha; from the series Last Days of Manmohan by Mahesh Shantaram; Maa Laxmi, from the series Darshan by Manjari Sharma; The East by Manoj Jadhav; from the series Jagannath Yatra, Puri by Shantanu Sheorey. (Images courtsey of Goa International Photography Festival)


25 Feb - 7 Mar

GoaPhoto takes place in the streets of Panaji, the capital city of the state, with large format images displayed on the facades of buildings and light boxes in public spaces, celebrating photography outside of the gallery space. The theme for this year is 'the other', referring to the sense of otherness that both the photographer and subject feel when a portrait is taken, and 18 exhibtions will take place across the city, with other events running alongside, including workshops in association with Magnum Photos. Work on show comes from international artists exploring traditions, faiths and cultures as diverse as the country itself, from street and documentary photography to studio portraits and even a travelling studio.

Shown above: From the series Sidhpur by Sebastian Cortes; two images from The Road to Tepeyac by Alinka Echeverria; two images from the series The Fourth Wall by Max Pinckers; two images from Desert Dancers by Andres Figueroa; two images from Street Portraits: A South African Family Album by Alexia Webster. (All images courtsey Goa Photo).


Russ Land, by Uldus Bakhtiozina

With a focus on symbolism hidden in legends, myths and folklore, this series from Russian photographer Uldus Bakhtiozina reinterprets Russian fairy tales, and references the origins of words, which are often rewritten or distorted over many centuries of retelling.

Bakhtiozina studied photography at Central St. Martins in London, and went on to specislise in fashion, having had work published in Vogue Italia. This personal project features costumes and props created by Bakhtiozina, and would not go a miss on the pages of an indie fashion mag, with its selective colour palette and deliberate delicate imperfections, resulting from it being shot on medium format film.

Shown above: Shown above: Winter Face; two images from White Swan; 7 Knights and Dead Princess; two images from Ivan and his flying carpet; two images from Her bedroom; Milky Rivers; The Power of Love; Soul of Forest.


Second Coming on

To celebrate "the Second Coming of the 90's", created this online feature including a series of collage photographs, mixing shots of a model Danny Blake in Moss Side, Manchester - former home to the renowned Hacienda in the 90s - with archive shots of the club, the Stone Roses Spike Island gig and more.

The images created by Rebekah Neal, a designer at Topman, were hand-collaged, a technique that team felt fitted in well with the trend. "There's a teenage enthusiasm about the collage that feels like an accurate representation of the time - quite analogue and honest," says Tom Lancaster, senior creative manager for digital at Topman.

These types of online features are published weekly on the site (with collections generally being in stock for about six weeks, rather than seasonal), and it's important for the brand to get these trends across both quickly and creatively. "These features are a way to introduce a trend to our customers," Lancaster says. "Our customers are often looking for inspiration as much as to buy a specific item, so the feature goes beyond a page of ecommerce products and helps show the cultural references that inform the product design."

Check out the feature here -


This ongoing Instagram series from Giuseppe Pepe, head graphic designer for Space nightclub in Ibiza, borrows images from across the web (with permission) and removes the heads. He plays a visual joke relating to his hashtag #LoosingMyMind (a deliberate "memorable" spelling error he told us, to make it stand apart from other similar hashtags).

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