Apple's Song finds right pitch

Apple and TBWA's Christmas ad is a touching tale of a teenager making a special gift for grandma - using a bunch of Apple products of course

Last Christmas, Apple's sulky-teenager-with-a-heart-of-gold spot won widespread acclaim (though, interestingly, relatively few awards).

This year's spot returns to that broad theme but it's a more straightforward tale. A teenager discovers a recording made by her grandma in a pile of old records (many record shops used to have facilities for people to make their own discs in recording booths) and decides to update it with the help of modern tech.

Yes it's schmaltzy – and it doesn't have the plot twist of last year's spot – but the tone treads the right line between affecting and affected. It's beautifully shot and cast too, particularly the grandmother. And as an overall strategy, highlighting the genuinely creative stuff you can do with the products rather than just witlessly beseeching us to 'share' every moment feels like absolutely the right route for Apple.