New year, new you, new Perpetual Disappointments Diary

Like a half-remembered ex-colleague you last bumped into around two years ago, the Disappointments Diary is back. And thanks to a groundbreaking non-specific year design, recipients can use the new-look Perpetual Disappointments Diary whenever they like...

Creative partnership Asbury & Asbury has upscaled the format of its 2012 D&AD-nominated Disappointments Diary to a larger week-to-view size, while the contents has (no doubt begrudgingly) also moved with the times.

Just check out those interactive 'blue Monday' tabs, below, not to mention the promotional trailer at the bottom of this post.

While there are familiar favourites such as the 'weekly demotivational proverb' (e.g. "When the going gets tough, tough"), there are several new sections, one of which clearly has an eye on the international traveller. A list of 'useful phrases' in French, German, Spanish and Mandarin, covers a host of desperate scenarios such as "A table for one, please", "I have destroyed my hire car", and "Do you have any very cheap wine?".

For the excessively funereal the PDD also features twice as many 'notable deaths' as 2012's edition, some templates for both Apology Notes and Passive-Aggressive Notes and even a fine piece of writing in the form of Nick Asbury's Bank Insecurity Questions, which first aired on McSweeney's Internet Tendency.

All in all it's a bit more of the same, potentially forever. Suffice to say it's very very funny along the way.

The Perpetual Disappointments Diary is published by Asbury & Asbury (£13 plus P&P) and is available from Orders ship from November 13 (postage is added during the payment process). The new version is written by Nick Asbury and designed by Sue Asbury, based on an original design by Jim Sutherland, Hat-trick Design and Sue Asbury.