Music Videos of the Month

It's been a great month for music videos, with this round up featuring promos for Roy Kafri, Kasabian, Panda Bear, Bambooman, Murlo, Keaton Henson, and OK Go. First up though, a slice of animated brilliance for Sebastien Tellier...

Tellier is known for his distinctive Gallic style, which comes through even in cartoon form in this video for new track Love. The promo stars a nudey Tellier wandering through a Garden of Eden, and is directed by artist Valentine Reinhardt, who also painted the cover for his new album, L'Aventura. Production company: Division.

This new video for Mayokero by Roy Kafri is by Vania Heymann, the director behind last year's excellent interactive Bob Dylan video. Heymann makes great use of old record covers for this new piece – not a new idea in itself perhaps, but brilliantly executed here.

Director Ninian Doff created this dystopian tale for Kasabian's new track Stevie. Production company: Pulse Films.

Panda Bear's video for Mr Noah by directing collective AB/CD/CD is strangely gripping, even though it's hard to know quite what's going on and the swirling camera might make you feel a bit sick. Production company: Partizan.

A couple of more abstract pieces for you now: firstly, the video for Bambooman's Clasp, which is directed by Mark Prendergast and features some lovely use of bouncy rubber balls.

This mysterious video mixes classical imagery (rendered in CGI form) with shiny, liquidy graphics. Impressively, it is created by the musician himself, Murlo, and is for his track Into The Mist.

Director João Nuno is behind this narrative video about a lonely traveller to Bolivia, created for Keaton Henson's new track Don't Swim. Production company: Delicatessen Films.

Finally, no videos round up this month would be complete without the inclusion of the mighty OK Go, and the promo for their new song I Won't Let You Down. The band are masters of creating viral videos, and this new piece is a brilliant addition to their oeuvre, having picked up over 7 million views on YouTube in three days. As you probably already know, it features the band on Segway-type vehicles, is shot by cameras mounted on drones, and is extraordinarily watchable. Director: Morihiro Harano.