Ads of the Week

Here's CR's pick of the best ads that we've seen these week: including work for Facebook, Virgin America, Lacoste, Full Circle, Google, and the UK's Coastguard service. First up though, a Halloween-inspired film for Ikea...

Created by BBH Asia Pacific (which was also behind the recent, brilliant Ikea 'bookbook' spot) for the Singapore market, the film sees Stanley Kubrick's classic horror The Shining reimagined in an Ikea store. Look out for key moments from the film referenced throughout. ECD: Scott McClelland; Creatives: Marcus Yuen, Angie Featherstone; Director: Jordan Quellman; Production company: Black Sheep Live.

Possibly in an attempt to counter the widely-published concerns about its Messenger app, Facebook has released this cute product demo which shows a couple acting out their romance using the service. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy; Creative directors: Stuart Harkness, Max Stinson; Design director: Guy Featherstone; Creatives: Matt Skibiak, David Povill, Zack Madrigal, Ollie Watson; Director: Aaron Duffy; Production company: 1st Avenue Machine.

Virgin America released this curious film online this week. Lasting almost six hours in length, it depicts a journey via Blah Airlines, a fictional budget flight carrier which offers a distinctly no frills experience – the underlying message, of course, being that a flight with VA would be much more entertaining. No one is expecting you to watch the whole thing but I kind of admire the commitment of making a six-hour-long piece of tedium. It also comes with a fake website too, naturally. Agency: Eleven Inc; CCO: Mike McKay; Creative director: Bryan Houlette; Senior copywriter: Aryan Aminzadeh; Copywriters: Jon Korn, Kevin X Barth; Director: Shillick.

Lacoste has ventured onto Vine with a series of films made with Vine and Instagram star Zach King. The two films released so far (one shown above, the other can be viewed on Lacoste's Vine channel) reveal how Lacoste has co-opted King's 'magic' style into the films for the brand, which are charming to watch. Agency: BETC; Creative directors: Ivan Beczkowski, Annick Teboul; Creatives: Nicolas Casanova, Lorene Garric, Emmanuelle Labbé; Production: Zach King.

Design studio DBLG inject some beautiful visuals into this new spot for business loans company Funding Circle, which do a good job of livening up the slightly dull voiceover. Agency: Karmarama; Creative directors: Sam Walker, Joe De Souza; Copywriter: Sam Cartmell; Directors: DBLG, Grant Gilbert, Rita Louro.

AMV BBDO has created this simple but powerful film for the UK's Coastguard service, which juxtaposes footage of a beautiful, peaceful day on a beach with audio of a panciked phone call where three people have been washed out to sea. Creatives: Nicholas Hulley, Nadja Lossgott; Directors: Thirtytwo; Production company: Pulse Films.

Rounding up this week's selection is a new film for Google Maps which has been created in partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute. It features the famed primatologist talking about her first visit to the Gombe National Park, which you can now travel to remotely via the Google Maps site. We've seen ads like this from Google before but this is an especially beautiful one and illustrates just how much of the planet has now been recorded by the tech company. Director: James W Griffiths; Production company: Indy8.