Hear from six of the best from The Modern Magazine

Following on from its Modern Magazine conference last month, magCulture is releasing a video interview with one of six of the main speakers every Wednesday. The second film has just gone live and features Elana Schlenker, the designer behind the ‘pamphlet of typographic smut' – Gratuitous Type...

During September's conference magCulture filmed a series of interviews with six of event's speakers and is continuing to post the results over the next few weeks. Last week, Wired Italia's David Moretti discussed what went into launching the magazine – you can see his film below.

Elana Schlenker is the Brooklyn-based graphic designer behind Gratuitous Type and she talks about the founding of the magazine and her plans for the next issue. Schlenker's exhibition, based on the recent fourth issue of Gratuitous Type, is on now at KK Outlet in London.

Over the next four Wednesdays, interviews with the following creative and editorial talent will appear on magCulture: Veronica Ditting, The Gentlewoman; Adam Moss, New York; Kai Brach, Offscreen; Jeremy Langmead, Christies.

Here's the first interview in the series, Wired Italia's creative director David Moretti, interviewed after speaking at the conference in London on 19 September.

The Modern Magazine conference is reviewed in the new issue of CR.