Will you be getting wood at D&AD next year?

D&AD has introduced two new pencils to its awards line-up for 2015: wood and graphite. They will replace the old In Book and Nomination designations

D&AD's awards system has always been somewhat confusing for the uninitiated. Whereas other systems stick to gold, silver and bronze, D&AD's silvers were actually yellow and its golds, black.

In addition, work selected for inclusion in the annual (so-called In Book) was itself deemed to be award-winning, as was work which received the further accolade of being nominated for a pencil - whether yellow or black.

In an attempt to make things clearer, for 2015 D&AD is introducing a wood pencill and a graphite one, so if you get in the annual you'll also receive a trophy.

So, just to be clear, In Book is wood, Nominated is graphite, silver is yellow, gold is black and, er, white is white. And the President's Awards is gold. Clear? Well, there isn't a clear... yet.