Six New Ads To Watch

Hungry for great new ads? We've got them, with this round up including work for The Times & Sunday Times, World Animal Protection, Hiscox, Department of Transport, and Swedish cancer charity Barncancer Fonden. First up though, some giggles via Barton F Graf 9000 for US pest control brand Tomcat...

It's all very silly, but sometimes that's what we need. Agency: Barton F Graf 9000; Chief creative officer: Gerry Graf; ECDs: Scott Vitrone, Ian Reichenthal; Creatives: Jerome Marucci, Ross Fletcher, Steve McElligott, Nick Kaplan, Mark Bielik; Director: Ringan Ledwidge; Production company: Rattling Stick.

This new spot for Hiscox insurance from VCCP features some rather fine use of projection mapping to liven up an otherwise straightforward ad. Creative director: Jim Thornton; Creatives: Kieran Knight, Veryan Prigg; Director: Mike Sharpe; Production company: Found.

Earlier this year, Swedish haircare brand Apotek Hjärtat scored a hit with a digital poster campaign set in a subway station which featured a woman's hair blowing around in response to the arrival of a train. This new campaign for cancer charity Barncancer Fonden spoofs the previous work, but with unexpected results. Agency: Garbergs.

More charity spoofs now, this time from BBH London for World Animal Protection. To raise awareness of the cruelty that lies behind some animal tourism, the agency created a website,, which appears to be a tourism site, until viewers begin watching the film on the site, above... After watching the film, visitors to the site are encouraged to donate to help educate others by making sure the website is the first Google search result that comes up when people are searching for elephant rides. Creatives: Matt Fitch, Mark Lewis; Creative director: Dominic Goldman; Production company: Biscuit Filmworks; Director: Jeff Low.

Yet more charity now, for the Department of Transport's Think! campaign. The ad, from AMV BBDO, uses 3D scanning technology to highlight the dangers of driving on rural roads. Creatives: Martin Loraine, Steve Jones; Director: Giles Revell, Steve Jones, Martin Loraine; Production company: We Folk, ScanLAB Projects.

I'm afraid the seriousness continues in our final ad for this round up, which comes from Grey London for The Times and The Sunday Times. The film highlights the newspapers' journalism about slavery, in imaginative yet hard-hitting fashion. It is part of a series of films for the papers titled 'Uncomfortable Truths'. Director: Phil Lind; Production company: Betsy Works.